Customer Testimonials



           Olive and I were fortunate to acquire a magnificent parcel of land on the Hillsborough River. With a breathtaking view of Tampa’s skyline, we knew we would have to find that special person who had the skills and the associates, who together could design and build our dream house by emphasizing the beauty of the river and the skyline.  We set to work by interviewing several contractors and chose Steve Fisher of Classic Builders, who had the most credible credentials supported by an outstanding complement of prior projects, to be our contractor.  We were   amazed at the creativity and due diligence Steve gave to our project.  Along with his architect, Steve developed and prepared several designs for us.  Steve encouraged our input and suggested many alternatives for each phase of the design.  Once we began, Steve was on the jobsite daily.  He set schedules and supervised his subcontractors routinely.  Our house was completed with no unexpected problems as Steve’s experience and skill prepared him to be proactive and timely.  Olive and I are very fortunate to have had Steve and Classic Builders as our contractor.  We love our home and are very satisfied.

 Gary and Olive Johnson



We knew that the building of our home would present many challages.  The elevation of our lot is five feet above sea level, and we wanted to create a home to withstand flooding by incorporating our garage under the main living structure of the house.  We interveiwed many contractors before deciding on Classic Builders, and your passion for home building and experience as a Master Builder set you apart from the rest.  Throughout the entire process, you were in constant communication with us and kept us on task to ensure we completed our home on time.  Your website’s client portal was an excellent resource and organized the immense amount of information we had to process during construction.  Even as complications arose, as they always do, you tackled them quickly and competently before they grew into bigger problems.  The quaility of your subcontractors is evident in every feature of our home, and your attention to detail exceeded our expectations.  Even now, as people comment on the structure and beauty of the house, we realize that this project was a true team effort.  We thank you for turning a house, drawn on paper, into our home.  We have already recommended Classic Builders to friends, and will continue to do so.

Jay & Ronna Kennedy



Cindy and I love the house. Thanks to your team and you for the relentless commitment to the project. It was exciting working with you from the design phase through completion and watching what started as just a dream actually materialize before our eyes. From the initial design meeting, your team nailed our vision for the home. The design/build process certainly streamlined things, and we were pleased that it did not sacrifice the ability to make “customized” decisions and other personal changes along the way. We really appreciate everything, but especially the fact that you got us into the home well ahead of schedule. Please feel free to include us as a reference for future projects. We wish you all the best on your future projects. Thanks again.

Best regards, Kevin H. Sutton



We wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate our home that Classic Builders built. The design/build process allows us to live in a house that was designed with our interests and tastes incorporated into the project. We really enjoyed the constructability feedback that was provided. Many of the specific features and material choices that you provided have proven insightful. I have no doubt that the spray foam insulation will provide energy savings for years to come. The other materials such as aluminum rails have held up very well and the reduced long-term maintenance savings is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for a great house.

Bruce and Teri Hasbrouck



When we decided to build our new home, we chose you to do the job. We told you that we loved the outside appearance of Addison Misner’s houses that he built in the 1920’s in Palm Beach. Although Misner was known as an architect, he was also a master builder. He had a keen eye for detail, great imagination, and great persistence in making his client’s dreams a reality. His houses looked like “they had always been there”, and his “Mediterranean Revival” look defined the Florida architectural style that everyone recognizes today. We wanted that kind of house. We told you we really didn’t like the interior style on Misner’s houses, as they were dark and heavy. We wanted something more comfortable and “finished”. Our architect drew up the general plans and basic design, leaving the decisions concerning detail and finish. (and on-site modifications!) to us, with guidance from you. Now that the house is weeks from completion, we can see that you have made our dream house come to life. There is virtually no design element that you did not change or enhance. Your design input, searches for proper materials, and selection and management of sub-contractors, has resulted in a “Fisher/Misner” house. The best elements of Misner and the added dimension of your creativity and practical knowledge of building a home that will last. Enclosed is a rare first edition of the book describing and portraying Misner’s works. We give it to you in appreciation of a job extremely well done, and in hopes that it will be a resource you can use when you build the next dream home. We also hope it will serve as a keepsake of your finest “signature home” and a reminder of the appreciation that we both have for the brilliant job you have done. Thank you!

Jim & Suzanne MacDougald



As we have said to you numerous times, we love our home and are very happy here. Communication during the 8 months of construction was actually more often and easier than we had expected. When building our home you exceeded our expectations time-wise and made up for any problems (surveying, etc.) that occurred with communication and changes which were acceptable to us. The following things impressed us as we watched our home built. You corralled all the construction trash so it did not blow away onto other people’s property and it was cleared regularly. You paid attention to detail, e.g., how to lay the tile throughout the house so it flowed through the archway into the kitchen (several people have mentioned how perfect the tile work is). And I appreciate the semi-gloss paint on the walls every time I easily wipe off the grubby hand prints. You know, we have had numerous friends and family whose home construction have been fraught with nightmares and incredible delays, and they continue to have problems years after the builder has “signed off.” We had none of these problems and would not hesitate to build another home with Classic Builders, Inc.

With regards, Al & Jan Causey



David and I would like to extend our appreciation for the beautiful house you built us. We are so pleased with everything. So many people have commented on what fine workmanship was put into it, from the beautiful landscaping package to the little details that make it special. We enjoyed working with you very much. You were fair and receptive to our needs and desires to create a special look, and as the pictures show, the house is spectacular. Please feel free to use us as a reference, we highly recommend Classic Builders for worry free construction. Best wishes for a successful year to your company and your family.

David & Carol Goldstein



My wife and I just would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Steve Fisher of Classic Builders Inc. for his personal participation in the building of our home in Tarpon Springs. We found you and Classic Builders to produce a high quality home with professionalism and outstanding workmanship all for a fair price. We made Steve aware we were not new to the new home building process, that we bad built 3 other homes and was looking for a quality home with an on time delivery. Steve surpassed our expectations, always professional with a pleasant attitude. Steve was instrumental in making the building of our 4th home a pleasant and fun experience.

Sincerely, Wuz Maginnes