Do Customers really want “cheap”?

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We are never surprised when we hear  “Quality is most important to us” from a couple hoping to build their first custom home.  But what about cost?  What priority is overall cost?  Often times, cost is the #1 priority, which in most cases, leads to bad decisions and disappointment.  We all understand affordability and budgets-we all have them.  But when cost is the top priority, ALL decisions are run through that same filter, including builder selection.  We all expect quality and should, but selecting a builder based on low cost is a recipe for disaster.  Instead focus on a builder who has a proven process to walk you through.  A system where you’ll be given opportunity to personalize your new home, but also guidelines and a safety net when you’re headed towards a bad decision or selection.  True quality isn’t about the cost of the finishes, say a $75.00sf granite vs: a $50.00sf granite. True quality is about the assembly of the pieces in a methodical practical manner.  Quality comes from the builders expertise about his trade, not by spending more on faucets or lighting.  Hiring a builder based on his cost per sf, is a poor measurement of his ability to provide you with the home of your dreams!  If you’re considering hiring “Chuck and his truck”, do the following first; Stand in front of his other customers and ask them about the product he provided and the process he walked them through.  Have you researched his license with the State of Florida?  Do you understand his individual certifications and designations?  Does he have passion for his trade?  Does he have the communication tools required so you never feel “left alone” during your product selection phase?  Ask him how he’s going to communicate with you while you’re on vacation skiing in Colorado?  This is what customers really want.  Sound, prudent guidance during the biggest purchase of their lives.  This they will not have if their cousins friend, who used to work for a builder…………….builds their home!

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This post was written by Steve Fisher