Our Design/Build Program

Classic Builders Design/Build program was created to help our clients begin designing their new custom home with minimal upfront expense.
Starting with a blank sheet of paper, we create a home unique to YOU, your lifestyle, your lot & your budget.  With a Builder as part of your design team, cost overruns, sticker shock, expensive re-design fees, and the disappointment of being over budget are eliminated!   As your design is evolving, we are continually refining and confirming the project budget to be in line with the budget discussions we have at your initial consultation.  Under our Design/Build program, we begin with a comprehensive pre-design questionnaire we developed the last 15 years to help us understand the vision and ideas you have for your new home.  Your level of fit and finish, priorities, lifestyle and budget are all discussed in great detail before we begin design work.  Once we have a very good understanding of your ideas, we begin creating your Preliminary Design consisting of the floorplans.  Upon approval and/or modification, we share a color 3D fly around the exterior of your home to illustrate the curb appeal and exterior detailing of your design.  We then begin the Design Development phase of design.   During this phase we create the (4) exterior elevations, roof plan and site plan for you review and comment.  This comprehensive set of drawings allows you to view your home from all viewpoints. Once the Design Development drawings are approved, we confirm the cost of your new home.  
The benefits of the Classic Builders Design/Build program include;

  • Minimal Upfront Expense-There is no need for you to pay for complete construction drawings to determine what your “uniquely designed” custom home is look like and cost.
  • Singular Responsibility-With both design and construction in the hands of a single professional entity, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence.
  • Quality of Drawings– The Design/Builder warrants to the Owner that we will produce design documents that are complete, free from error and completed “permit” drawings will be permittable by your local jurisdiction.
  • Cost Savings-The Design/Builder has creative input into the design of the home and is continually confirming the homes’ cost while the design is evolving to eliminate surprises and cost overruns.
  • Time Savings-The Design/Builder has conceptualized the building of the home and is intimate with all systems and materials early on, thus eliminating construction delays.
  • Early Knowledge of Firm Costs-With the Design/Builder responsible for design & construction, we are simultaneously estimating construction costs while the design is evolving and are confident that we have designed your home within the budget we’ve discussed.
  • Improved Risk Management-Change orders due to “errors and omissions” are eliminated, because the Design/Builder has responsibility for developing drawings and specifications, as well as, full knowledge of every detail of your custom home.

Design/Build should be considered a “one-stop shopping” alternative that is ideal from the owner’s standpoint.  The Owner gets to deal with a single, responsible/professional entity, has maximum freedom in selecting an architectural concept, is assured of quality commensurate with his/her expectations and proceeds with the comforts of cost and schedule certainty.